The law is the very important thing. One should know the laws of his own country and aware the rules of the land. In any country, there is no excuse for the ignorance of the law. It is very useful for a person to have knowledge of the law. A person who aware the law of his country can utilize his power under the law. A citizen of a country can get their rights from the law so if people know the law can avail the power of the law. Every country has a different type of laws.

The law is a  legal system of rules which are enforced from first to last social institutions to govern behavior Laws. It can be completed by a collective legislature resulting in statutes, by the execution through decrees or regulations, or by judges of the courts through requisite precedent, generally in common law jurisdictions.

In general legal principle or principle of law, in general, refers to a rule that is far and wide recognized by people whose legal order has reached a certain level of superiority. It can be a standard that is recognized in all types of legal relations, legal system to which it belongs such as the state law, nationwide law or international law.

Every country has a constitution in which all the rules or the rights of the people vested in it. A natural law is an unwritten body of collective moral principles that underlie the moral and legal norms by which human can conduct is now and then evaluated and governed. Natural law is a difference with the positive law because it consists of the written rules and regulations endorsed by the government.

The general law consists of many laws like the Constitutional and administrative law of the country, Criminal law and procedure, Civil procedure, Contract law, Tort law, Property law, Labor law, Tax law and Corporate law etc.